Our Rates

Special Offers 

(Except holidays - under consultation)

Weekend package (for 2 people)
Breakfast served from 08 a.m. to 10h a.m. - Friday to Sunday
Lunch and dinner served upon reservation at check-in time, with values under consultation (from R$ 65,00 to R$ 130,00)

Check-in from 3:00 PM and check-out until 12:00 PM.
Early check in 12:00 PM (subject to availability): Fee R$ 500,00

Marquesa de Santos Suite         - R$ 1.876,00
Princesa Isabel Suite                   -  R$ 2.250,00
Dom João VI Suite                      - R$ 1.876,00
Imperatriz Leopoldina Suite        - R$ 2.250,00
Dom Pedro I Suite                       - R$ 2.250,00

Dom Pedro II Suite                      - R$ 2.250,00
Sacerdotisa Suite                        - R$ 2.250,00

Cascavel Suite                             - R$ 1.500,00

Querubins Suite                          - R$ 1.200,00

Arcanjo Suite                               - R$ 1.200,00

Mezzanino                                    - R$    990,00**
Sol Nascente                                - R$ 1.500,00

Sol Poente                                   - R$ 1.200,00

Marte                                            - R$ 1.200,00


Hospedaria Casa da Pedra does not offer activities or recreation to children.


Groups | Family | Courses | Meetings - Consult our conditions

PETS - Fee per pet - R$ 100,00


Pet Policy - The pets will be their owner's responsibility during all stay. They must be with their owners and on a leash inside the Hospedaria, as well as in the restaurant areas and pools. In all external area, they are free and very welcome!


50% money transfer (advance)* - remaining at the check-out in banking wire transfer, check, cash or credit card (conection subjected).

*The reservation will be confirmed as soon as we receive the payment voucher by email.


- Cancellation with more than 7 days prior to the date of the lodging, the guest will be entitled to credit for another reservation, without refund of the paid amount, and will have 30 days from his original lodging to use his credit (upon room availability);
- Cancellation with less than 7 days prior to the date of lodging, the guest will not be entitled to credit for another reservation nor refund of paid amounts;
- Only cancellations made through email will be accepted: contato@hospedariacasadapedra.com.br;
- Non-attendance on the scheduled date will result in cancellation of the reservation, without refund of paid amount;
- In case of early departure or late arrival, whether package or not, for any reason, the total amount of the package will be charged and there will be no refund of paid amounts.

If cancellation or dates modifications occur, the guest must get in touch by email. We do not accept cancellations and date modifications by phone.

FOR RESERVATION AND FURTHER INFORMATION: contato@hospedariacasadapedra.com.br or 55 11 99988 0303


Espírito Santo do Pinhal -SP - Brasil - LAT 22º11.63S - LONG 46º41.43W - ALT 1.012 m


Buscar referência Rua Jacob Worms 500, ao final continue pela estrada municipal  para Albertina  por  6 km.  Placas Indicativas, Casa da Pedra


INFORMAÇÕES 11 99988 0303 (horário comercial)

RESERVAS contato@hospedariacasadapedra.com.br


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