Much more than a house on a rock

It would be too predictable to assume that Casa da Pedra is only a construction on a rock. For its owner, Casa da Pedra has a strong meaning, a history that started in childhood and became a sacred place.

When her mother wanted to solve any family matter, she used to gather all her kids and, during a long walk, they went up until the top of the rock.
There, she wisely said: “Our problems can be small just like that tree over there. Don’t let them grow.” 

Since then, the dream of building a house at that place started becoming real and it turned to Casa da Pedra, a Colonial style lodge and of a very good taste. It is located at 3.600 feet of altitude, surrounded by the Espírito Santo do Pinhal mountains, a region with a climate which is considered one of the best in Brazil. All of this surrounded by a magical and peaceful atmosphere full of good vibes, and that now is shared with unique people, just like you.

Welcome to Hospedaria Casa da Pedra - Spa Para Alma. Much more than a house on a rock.


Espírito Santo do Pinhal -SP - Brasil - LAT 22º11.63S - LONG 46º41.43W - ALT 1.012 m


Buscar referência Rua Jacob Worms 500, ao final continue pela estrada municipal  para Albertina  por  6 km.  Placas Indicativas, Casa da Pedra


INFORMAÇÕES 11 99988 0303 (horário comercial)



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